Developing the next generation of Catholic leaders.


sodality is a community of top, young, catholic men who, for 1-2 years, live together under a common vow of study and service, while still working, for the purpose of becoming holier and wiser men.

With the support and guidance of mentors, spiritual advisors, and one another, the Brothers of Sodality focus intensely on growing holier, wiser, and, in general, more like Christ.



By living together, the Brothers of Sodality are able to more easily love, support, encourage, and hold each other accountable. Together, they develop the virtues and habits they’ll need to be saints, husbands, fathers, and Catholic leaders.



The Brothers of Sodality are supported by a set of highly dedicated, accomplished, and saintly mentors and spiritual advisors, who provide insight and guidance from a position that the Brothers, broadly, aim to occupy in 20 years.


The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood, founded in June of 2019, is in its incipiency. While we are small at present, we aim to grow rapidly in order to serve as many young leaders as possible, all the while maintaining an uncompromising standard of excellence and edification.


sodality houses

Sodality current operates in Washington, D.C. but will soon expand to every major city in the world, with multiple houses in each.



official partnerships

Partners include Legatus, The Catholic University of America’s Ciocca Center for Principled Entrepreneurship, and more.



mentors and spiritual advisors

The Brotherhood has supporting it 15 leading professionals, professors, and priests, each of whom is fiercely dedicated to the cause.


“Conquer yourself and the world lies at your feet.”

- St. Augustine