the Vow is designed to create more saintly men, both in the form of an individual, husband, father, parish and community member, and citizen.

When averaged on a per-week basis, the Vow demands approximately 34 hours of a Brother’s week. This leaves four hours of free time per day, if one assumes 8 hours of sleep per night and a 50-hour work week. Below is a breakdown of the elements of the Vow. The section headers indicate the frequency at which each event occurs, while the parenthetical number is an estimation of the total hours spent on that event.


  • Mass (1)

  • Read Bible (0.25)

  • Read Book (1.5)

  • Exercise (1)


  • Group Volunteer ing(4)

  • Spiritual Advising + Confession (2)

  • Group Dinner (2)


  • Mentor Meeting (2)

  • Tithe (0)

  • Group Event Hosting (4)

  • House Maintenance (2)


  • Retreat (48)